"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."                                                                          ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Mobile Global Workforce

The twenty-first century is witnessing an increasingly mobile global workforce. There are approximately 200 million professionals working in countries beyond their homelands. Highly skilled talent is in demand all over the world. Both younger and experienced professionals consider working abroad for professional development, economic and financial benefits and adventure. Opportunities may exist in your home country or far afield. Companies based in the United States attract professionals from Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and Latin America. More than ever American workers are finding employment abroad. The global economy moves and distributes talent wherever it is needed.

Career Coaching: Innovative Support for Global Professionals

Organizations hiring global professionals find innovative ways to support them in order to access their talent fully. Great organizations respect, reward and invest in their people. Whether you are welcoming expatriates into your organization or sending your professionals away from their country of origin, career development coaching is one way to support their best performance in any workplace. It helps professionals focus on strategies and behaviors that lead to their successful engagement in their current and new work environment.

Common Challenges for Global Professionals

Coaches help global professionals address common challenges that come with the territory of working away from home: adapting to a new culture, learning new norms of doing business, understanding the organization’s unwritten rules for success, helping your family to adjust to new schools and country, finding a new rhythm of work/life balance and navigating through multicultural dynamics.

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